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Privacy Policy

Philosophical stuff about Privacy

As a general matter, we want to be clear about a few things in relation to our philosophy with respect to privacy here at DeHood.  First, we are a private, for-profit company that needs to make money.  We cannot thrive as a company unless we provide valuable services, and that means providing a range of location-based services that exist precisely because our users are willing to share a good deal of their private information with us. 

This does not mean we want to make you share information with us you would rather keep private.  To be sure, we would prefer if you trusted us with your information, since we only intend to use your data to provide you with a very cool set of location-based services.  But at the end of the day, we understand that there is a range of reasonable views about privacy, and DeHood wants to accommodate each and every one of them. 

So, here’s the deal.  We will do our best to provide you with a world-class experience on DeHood, and you can set up your Profile in whatever way you please.  If you want to be invisible, be invisible.  If you want to be completely visible and open, by all means do so!  We genuinely want you to feel comfortable using our products, which we hope you will soon come to love. 

The only caveat is this.  We are a young company, and our Profile utility is going to take a bit of time to get up and running.  We ask that you bear with us and be patient.  With any luck the Profile tool will be available in the next version of DeHood. 

The Privacy Policy

Please be aware that this document is an integral part of our Terms of Use, which is available online at and in the DeHood mobile application.  Please read the Terms of Use in conjunction with this document, as matters addressed there are not repeated here.

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) sets out:

  • the types information we collect from you;
  • how we use and store that information;
  • under what circumstances we share that information; and
  • what you can do to modify your Profile so that you can manage your own privacy preferences within the DeHood platform.

Information We Collect

We collect the following information about you and your use of the DeHood online and mobile platform:

  • your name, email address, phone number, and gender;
  • if and when you are online using DeHood from the Internet, your IP address, browser type, and related diagnostic and technical information;
  • usage information for statistical purposes.  Like most websites on the Internet, when you use our online platform we automatically collect a range of information about the number of daily visitors, the specific resources they use, and how long they remain engaged with specific tools and products we provide;
  • the friends you are connected to on the platform; and
  • your favorite locations, the business venues you check into, and a range of information about how you interact with business venues.

Data Use and Storage

We use your information to:

  • provide you with interesting and exciting shopping experiences and related incentives by serving incentives you will appreciate at the right time;
  • help you connect with people in your local community;
  • empower you to become more involved in your community;
  • notify you of community updates, safety alerts, and related important news items;
  • ensure that the DeHood online and mobile platform evolves to suit your needs;
  • research the effectiveness of the DeHood online and mobile platform; and
  • develop new services for your community.

In terms of storing your information, we use reputable third-party hosting services that abide by industry-wide accepted best practices in relation to data security and integrity. 

Data Sharing Practices and Principles

To work with our civic and commercial partners so that they can provide enhanced shopping services, safety and community updates, and other related services to you, we share:

  • information about your location;
  • information about your friends, social connections, and community activities;
  • statistical information about commercial incentives, promotions, sales notices and other deals that have been made available specifically to you on DeHood;
  • information in your user profile;
  • check in information; and
  • other statistical information compiled based upon your use of successive versions of the DeHood online and mobile platform. 

In each of the above instances, we only share this information if your Profile is configured to allow us to do so.  However, we reserve the right to disclose non-private, aggregated and anonymous statistical information about check ins, commercial incentives, promotions, sales notices and other deals that have been offered to you and other DeHood users (e.g., the number of users checked in at a local café, and the gender breakdown of that DeHood user group).

We respect your Profile preferences and take them very seriously.  However, we cannot be responsible for how other entities handle your personal information.  In that connection, please be aware that:

  • third-party websites and services – such as Facebook and Twitter – may share your information more widely if you broadcast information generated on the DeHood platform to them; and
  • third-party developers may use our Application Programming Interface (“API”) to create new applications that are not subject to the strict privacy principles to which DeHood adheres.  

We do not automatically share information about your location, your preferences, or your account generally with any third-parties (including law enforcement or other government agencies).  However, where we receive a warrant requiring us to turn over account information to a duly appointed law enforcement official, government agency, or government institution, like all good corporate citizens we will comply with the warrant in a timely fashion. 

Modifying Your Profile

You may visit the DeHood online or mobile platform to modify your Profile.  At present, the Profile tool is not available.  Once this tool is available on May 24th, 2010, you will be able to tell us whether we may:

  • share information about your location;
  • share information about your friends, social connections, and group activities;
  • share statistical information about commercial incentives, promotions, sales notices and other deals that have been made available specifically to you on DeHood;
  • share information in your user profile;
  • share check in information; and
  • share other statistical information compiled based upon your use of successive versions of the DeHood online and mobile platform. 

It is really as simple as that.  You may configure your Profile so that we are only able to share with our civic and commercial partners those types of information with which you are comfortable.  

Your Consent

By downloading the DeHood mobile application or using the DeHood online platform, you consent to our collection of your information as set out in this Policy.  If you have any questions about how this Policy works, or if you have suggestions on how we might improve it, please send us an email at

Notice of New Services, Changes, and Business Transfers

From time to time, we may want to change our platform in a way that would alter the way we store, use or share your information.  If we need to do that, we will send you an email that explains the changes and, whenever reasonably possible, we will provide a way for you to:

  • provide feedback in relation to these changes through the DeHood online platform and/or mobile application; and
  • modify your Profile to ensure that we are using and sharing your information in a way that is agreeable to you.

In the event that DeHood, Inc. is acquired or sells some of its assets, customer information is usually a type of asset that is transferred to the purchasing party.  If DeHood, Inc. is acquired – or in the unlikely event that the company enters into bankruptcy – customer information would certainly be transferred to or acquired by a third party.  Please be aware that such transfers do occur, and that any party acquiring DeHood, Inc. may continue to user your information as set forth in this Policy.